• Bradbury Memorial Center Staff

Nicholas Andrew Rettino

Updated: Feb 19

April 29, 1954 to January 30, 2021

Nicholas Andrew Rettino was born on April 29, 1954, to his parents Anne and Nicholas Sr., in Queens, New York. As a young man he worked in his parents’ dress manufacturing shop in Brooklyn, New York. He had a passion for cars and always had the latest model car.

Nick became a member of the New York City Auxiliary Police at the age of 18 and was assigned to their Emergency services unit Truck 10 on Staten Island, and was one of the first to ride police scooters with this unit. He then went on to become a Corrections Officer with New York City and was assigned to Rikers Island where he retired from after 21 years of service. Upon his retirement, Nick went on to form a security company and installed alarm and protective systems for various corporations and individuals as well as providing protective services to businesses and individuals such as UPS and others. Nick was also an Assistant Chief with Metropolitan Fire Association of Staten Island.

Nick had a great passion for cars and fast food and the girls all loved him and his terrific smile that could melt your heart. His favorite foods included Nathan’s Hot Dogs, at Coney Island, and Arby’s. Nick suffered a massive stroke, while at work, in 2017. After being hospitalized in New York, he moved to Arizona, where he resided in an assisted living facility until January of 2021. Nick’s smile made him the hit with the ladies at the facility and they all miss him dearly. Nick passed away on January 30, 2021. He was 66.

Nick is survived by his sister Susan and his beloved daughter Ashley.