• Bradbury Memorial Center Staff

James Gordon Fischer

Updated: Jan 25

February 28, 1934 to January 12, 2021

James Gordon Fischer passed away on January 12, 2021, in Lake Havasu City, AZ. He was 86 years old. He was born on February 28, 1934, in Los Angeles, CA. He was the son of Clarence Charles and Naomi Beatrice Fischer. He is preceded in death by his sister Ernece Rae Mathews, and nephew Wyatt Mathews.

He married Jacqueline Rose Cook and had a son, Dell Keith, and a daughter Jillyn Ann. They divorced in 1962. He later met Cecilia Baker. They were married in 1966 and had 54½ wonderful years together. Dell and Jill each have two children, Robert and Katherine Fischer, and Jeremy and Rebekah Peterson. They each married, and produced 10 great-grandchildren, Jacob, Patrick, and Dean Mardis; Paisley, Dylan, Caitlyn, and Wyatt Peterson; Ellen, Amelia, and Baby boy Fischer due in June.

He attended Franklin High School and LA Trade Tech to become an electrician. When he was not accepted into the military, he went to work for Western Electric for nine years. He then worked for General Telephone, in many capacities, until his retirement in 1987 when the company was downsizing. He spent 24 years with GTE.

Over the years he enjoyed camping. Upon his marriage to Cecilia, he could not afford a camper shell for his used 1965 El Camino, so he and Cecilia built their “honeymoon cottage” cabover camper for their honeymoon trip. The trip covered six weeks, 32 U.S. states and Canada, over 9,000 miles. The enjoyed the trip so much that two years later they took the children on a 7,500-mile trip over the U.S. and Canada, having bought a new pickup and used camper.

Upon return from his honeymoon, there was a brochure about Lapidary classes being offered at Adult school at a local high school. He attended classes for the semester and got acquainted with several others that belonged to a “Rock Hound Club”. He pursued this hobby, traveling to the desert and anywhere field trips were scheduled, bought equipment so he could do whatever he needed to do when the urge struck. He was very active in the Lapidary club, was chairman several years, and enjoyed it immensely. Then he was introduced to square dancing, and that became a new “hobby”, holding office several times before moving to Lindsay, CA, in 1978.

He enjoyed traveling. He and Cecilia went on cruises through the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Tahiti, and trips to Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, and Amsterdam and its surrounding European countries. There were many trips across the U.S. when attending the National Square Dance Convention as a dancer and vendor for 15 years. He made badges for square dancers, and many companies, churches, RV clubs, restaurants, etc. This hobby of making badges became a business when they moved to Lindsay, CA, and Cecilia retired from teaching. It lasted over 40 years.

He loved to “tinker” in his shop. He went to adult school to learn welding. In his retirement years, especially after moving to AZ in 1999, he was able to have his dream garage/shop/man cave built. He loved to make yard art and wind chimes, coyotes, quail, rabbits, elephants, Christian crosses out of horseshoes, and hundreds of “fun badges”. He loved to give the badges away to people just to see them smile and laugh. With his electrical knowledge, he completely wired the “dream house” built in CA in 1979, and on moving to AZ in 1999, helped several new neighbors wire their new homes.

At garage sales, he could not pass up anything electrical, especially heavy-duty electrical cord and ends. He probably amassed over 2,000 feet of cord which he used when attending the square dance conventions and setting up the booth to make badges.

He was a Master Mason of over 60 years, a member of St. Michael’s United Methodist Church, and over the years, the Eagles, and the Elks. He also was a member of two RV clubs, the California Heartland, and California Coasters chapters of FMCA, and the Good Sam Club, being a Life Member.

While traveling to and from the square dance conventions, he started collecting blow torches, since they were not being made and/or used anymore. Traveling across the U.S. and Canada, he managed to amass a collection of over 300 of all sizes and shapes.

Another favorite collection was anything having to do with Mickey Mouse. He had many pieces of stuffed Mickeys, clothing, artwork, etc., from small to ginormous. This collection numbered over 400 pieces. Then, there was simply no more room.

From 2002 to 2016 Jim and Cecilia spent the summers volunteering at state parks in Oregon, Arizona, and California. As camp hosts, they did just about anything around the camps, except having to clean the restrooms, including checking people in, cleaning campsites, selling firewood, giving directions, and doing a lot of public relations. Needless to say, Jim was a people person, he really enjoyed going to the different campsites and shooting the breeze.

Celebration of Life services will not be held until Spring, when, hopefully, Covid has settled down and it is safe for people to travel. By then, it will be warmer, and we can gather on our patio.