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June 11th, 1930 to February 13th, 2021

Clifton Crettlen Hale, 90, passed away on Saturday, February 13, 2021, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. He had lived in Havasu since 2009.

Cliff was born on June 11, 1930, in Jacksonville, Texas, to parents Crit Hale and Ollie Mae (Davenport) Hale. Cliff was a retired U.S. Marine veteran who served his country for 20 years as an Aviation Electrician.

Cliff was described by his family as amazing, kind-hearted, compassionate, and an exceptional man. He loved to help everyone and never wanted to see people struggle.

Cliff met his wife Shirley when she was working as a server at a restaurant in Anaheim, California. The couple was engaged for 19 years before marrying on September 8, 2001, in Laughlin, Nevada. Cliff was a loving husband and best friend to Shirley for 20 years. In all, they spent 39 years enjoying each other’s company.

Cliff owned his own forklift business and is remembered as someone who was dedicated enough to work 7-days-a-week.

Gambling, horse races, football, singing karaoke, and playing the guitar were among Cliff’s favorite things to do. Cliff and Shirley also enjoyed several weeklong ocean cruises, including the one that was a gift for them on their honeymoon.

One year, it was with Cliff’s goofy hunched-over bowling approach that he used to release his ball down the lanes of the bowling alley that earned him a towering 4-foot bowling trophy. He took first place at an amateur bowler’s tournament that day, which has left his family in disbelief and laughter ever since.

A hobby of collecting bicycles and refurbishing them to like-new condition before dispersing them to less fortunate kids at Christmastime kept Cliff busy throughout each year. The bicycles were either donated through organizations helping kids in need or provided on an at-need basis when Cliff would learn of a kid who fit the criteria. Three years ago, Cliff gave 17 bicycles to 17 kids in the Kingman area at Christmastime.

Cliff is survived by his loving wife Shirley, his son Russell (Kim) Hale, his daughter Karen Baltazar, his son Robbie (Shawna) Hale, as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Cliff also is survived by their family dog, Baby Girl.

Cliff was preceded in death by parents Crit and Ollie Mae, three sisters, sons Mike Hale and Mark Martinez, and his daughters Denise Marie and Cheryl Hale.

A memorial service for Cliff will be, at Bradbury Memorial Center, in Havasu. The time is to be announced.

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October 9, 1933 to February 6, 2021

Dana Sheridan Scott, 87, passed away on Saturday, February 6, 2021, in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Dana was born on October 9, 1933, in Wilmington, California, to parents Homer Forrest Scott and Jewell Slaton. Dana is a U.S. Army Air Force veteran.

Dana married Shirley Inez (Campbell) Scott on December 7, 1963, in Long Beach, California. The couple chose the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day so they would always remember their anniversary. They have renewed their vows every 10 years along the way.

Dana and Shirley traveled and explored the entire length of Interstate 40 over the years, all the way to Wilmington, North Carolina. The couple also ventured to 18 of the U.S. states including South Dakota and Hawaii, and the neighboring countries of Canada and Mexico.

While living in California, Dana portrayed Santa Claus for Head Start to the delight of countless children over the course of 13 years. For two of those years, Dana donned his Santa Claus gear and rode a fire engine into schools in that area. The couple moved to Havasu in April 2014 and Dana also portrayed Santa one year in Havasu at the city’s Aquatic Center.

Dana is survived by his loving wife of 57 years Shirley, and their four children Dan, Elaine, Brandy, and James. Dana is survived by eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Dana also is survived by three family pets including Sasha, Zeus, and an outside desert tortoise whose knowledge of how to use the doggie door would lead to a good game of hide-and-seek within the Scott’s Havasu home.

Dana was preceded in death by his first daughter, Sherry, in California; his parents Homer and Jewell, and each of his older siblings Martha, Burt, and Larry.

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